5 Wellness Benefits of Hot Tubs & Spa Pools

Spa pools aren’t just great for splashing with the kids or having a drink with friends. They actually have some incredible health benefits to offer. If you’ve been thinking of buying a spa pool or hot tub Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, or anywhere in Tauranga, and are still on the fence, some of these wonderful health benefits may help sway your decision.

Stress Relief

After a long, hard day in the office, a soak in your pool may be just what you need to destress, relax, and unwind. Stress relief has many general health benefits, including building your immune system, clear thinking, and emotional clarity.

For an optimal stress-relieving experience, include low lighting and soft music in your relaxation experience. Some of our spa pools even include Bluetooth speakers for this purpose – just ask our friendly team.

Relax Your Muscles

After a run or a full day at work, sometimes you just feel like a hot shower.

Warm water can do wonders for sore and stiff muscles after a workout or physical labour, easing any of your muscular aches and pains. Soaking in warm water encourages the blood to circulate around your body. What this means for you is your muscles get more oxygen, releasing muscle tightness and relieving pain. 

Better Sleep

If counting sheep isn’t doing the trick for you, consider adding a soak in a spa pool to your nighttime routine.

Whether you struggle with falling asleep, sleep quality, or getting sufficient sleep, a spa pool soak may make a world of difference. Soaking in a spa pool can help you sleep easier, deeper, and without interruption.

To aid your sleep quality even more, consider using Simple Silver as your water treatment. This water treatment releases magnesium in the water, a mineral that has been shown to support sleep and stress relief. 

Pain Relief

They say water heals, and there actually is some truth in that old saying.

The warm water and the movement of the jets of a spa pool or hot tub can offer some relief from muscle, joint, or tendon pain. Water supports the body and takes some weight off your joints, making a spa pool a sanctum for back pain, arthritis, or general muscle pain.

Burning Calories

Swap your 30-minute walk with a soak in your spa pool for an hour because you’ll burn the same amount of calories, according to a 2016 study. This should not replace your usual exercise regime entirely, but it could really play a part in assisting with metabolism and may offer additional benefits for those who battle to exercise.

 Are you interested in buying a spa pool in Christchurch? Jet Spas have a wide range of spa pools and hot tub alternatives in New Zealand. Get in touch with one of our experts at hello@jetspas.co.nz, and we can help you choose the ideal pool for your space.

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