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About Jet Spas

Why Jet Spas Came to Be

Jet Spas was born out of a desire to revolutionize the spa pool industry in New Zealand with online spa pools.

So you’re looking at buying a spa pool online? Great choice! Jet Spas was founded after talking to kiwis around the country who went through the spa pool buying process. 

These kiwis were stoked with their spa pool for many reasons. Relaxation, therapy, relationship building, entertaining; these are just a few of the reasons why kiwis love soaking in spas. 

As relaxing as the spa pool soak is, the spa pool buying and maintaining process was considered… less enjoyable. Expensive products, poor project management, and big maintenance processes were all common complaints.

Enter Jet Spas. We reckon the entire spa process should be enjoyable, from purchasing a spa to maintaining it well-down the track.

With cost-cutting supply chain management, and nearly self-maintaining natural spa materials, Jet Spas exists to turn the industry on its head.

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Limited time offer!

Ready for the spa of your dreams at a price you’ll love?

The four step process that you will love!

Arguably the trickiest part of the journey; choosing your spa pool. Do you want lots of jets? Deep seats? Somewhere to lounge? Our spa pool experts are here to match you with the spa of your dreams.

Once you have placed your order, our team will be in touch to congratulate you and let you know about the next steps. You will be informed every step of the way with shipping updates and timeframes. 

Depending on your local depot, we can offer free or low cost delivery to the depot.

Where to from there? We can offer delivery throughout the North Island to your door or into place. We can also connect you with our recommended shipping partners throughout NZ.

However you choose to celebrate your new thermal best friend is up to you. Gather the family around for an outdoor movie night? Invite a few friends over for a beer? Kick back by yourself because you deserve it? 

The choice is all yours.

Get in touch!

It’s time. Let’s match you with your dream spa.