Backyard Bliss: 3 Budget-friendly Luxurious Spa Pools

Thanks to cost-cutting supply chain management, an online showroom, and almost self-maintaining natural spa materials and cleaning solutions, Jet Spas offer cheap spa pools in NZ. These spa pools are very affordable for anyone seeking a soak in their own garden.

Better prices don’t mean a compromise on quality either. That’s why our warranties are better than most of the expensive spa pool retailers because we have built our products to last!

From selecting your spa pool to maintaining it, the entire process with Jet Spas is a delight. Let’s take a look at some affordable, swanky spa pools that may be the perfect accessory for your backyard fun.

3 Cheap Spa Pool Options

The Tango Spa Pool

This is one of New Zealand’s most affordable and spacious two-person spa pools. Ideal for relaxing alone or with a bottle of wine and a dip in the tub for two.

Here are some of Kiwi’s favourite features of this spa pool:

-Plug N Play capability of 10 amps enables simple installation and reinstallation in a new residence.

-Seats offset to accommodate two people comfortably.

-Industry-leading warranties, including a 10-year structural warranty and a 5-year warranty on the heater, controller, jets, and North American acrylic.

-Heating: 2.0 kW with four layers of insulation.

The Gulfstream Spa Pool

The Gulfstream boasts four separate seats, providing enough space to soak or entertain. In addition, with 16 strategically positioned jets, guests can relax and enjoy their own space while enjoying a great water jet massage.

Key points that make this a great choice for an entry-level spa pool:

-10 Amp Plug N Play ensures easy installation.

-Illumination across the whole spa’s interior.

-Enough room in every seat to ensure no one else is in your bubble.

-Big enough to fit four people comfortably but compact enough to fit into a tight backyard.

-Powerful CD OZone, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

-Quality guarantee, offering a 10-year structural warranty and a 5-year warranty on the heater, controller, jets, and North American acrylic.

The Orbiter Spa Pool

The round spa pool is officially the new hot tub. While hot tubs are clunky, expensive devices more suited to resorts, the Orbiter is a sizable circular spa pool ideal for families. It’s like a low-maintenance hot tub! It also includes the whirlpool jet feature, creating a fun whirlpool effect the kids will love.

What makes the Orbiter the perfect hot tub alternative:

-Easy installation with 10 Amp Plug N Play.

-Twelve jets, including whirlpool jets ‒ an excellent entertainment factor for kids.

-Comfortable four seater.

-Lightweight for easy transportation.

-A powerful CD OZone that requires little maintenance.

-A 10-year structural warranty is included, as is a 5-year warranty on the heater,

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