Choosing Between Hot Tubs And Spa Pools In Hawkes Bay

For many of us, true relaxation involves a good, long soak in perfectly warm water and soothing jets. For those who enjoy unwinding in a bubbling body of water, there are two main options to choose from: hot tubs and spa pools. While they share similarities, they are actually different products, each with its own benefits and shortcomings. If you’re trying to choose between hot tubs and spa pools in Hawkes Bay, Jet Spas is here with the information you need to decide. 

What Is A Hot Tub?

A hot tub is usually a prefabricated, above-ground unit that simply needs to be bought and installed, often made from cedar and requiring firewood to heat. They are generally free-standing with the plumbing and electrical systems housed within the hot tub cabinet. Hot tubs typically have sitting space within them and are more often used for lounging rather than swimming. 

What Is A Spa Pool

Spa pools are usually in-ground units, much like a conventional swimming pool. However, some are above ground, like a hot tub. Spa pools can be much larger than a hot tub but still have the heating and jet features that make hot tubs so relaxing. Many spa pools have both swim space and seating space, though smaller spa pools may just have space to sit.

Benefits Of A Hot Tub

  • Can be quickly purchased and installed, often on the same day
  • Soaking in a hot tub can relieve stress and relax muscles

Benefits Of A Spa Pool

  • Usually larger than hot tubs and can often be used for both lounging and swimming
  • Typically lower running costs and more environmentally friendly than hot tubs
  • Customisable ‒ can be custom-built or prefabricated and installed 
  • Simple maintenance, rarely need to be drained
  • No need for fire to heat

Hot Tubs Vs Spa Pools: Which Is Best?

Deciding between a spa pool and a hot tub will come down to your individual needs, preferences, space and situation. However, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, more energy-efficient solution with options for more space and lower running costs, it has to be a spa pool.

Jet Spas: Your Reliable Source Of High-Quality Spa Pools In Hawkes Bay

At Jet Spas, we proudly offer our clients the best quality hot tub alternatives, swim spas and spa pools in Hawkes Bay and around New Zealand at affordable prices. Check out our product range and contact us if you have any questions. 

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