Choosing Between Hot Tubs And Spa Pools

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For many of us, true relaxation involves a good, long soak in perfectly warm water and soothing jets. For those who enjoy unwinding in a bubbling body of water, there are two main options to choose from: hot tubs and spa pools. While they share similarities, they are actually different products, each with its own benefits and shortcomings. If you’re trying to choose between hot tubs and spa pools in Hawkes Bay, or anywhere in New Zealand, Jet Spas is here with the information you need to decide. 

What Is A Hot Tub?

Picture those classic tubs you see in movies at alpine resorts. If you’re imagining a round cedar tub, you are probably picturing a hot tub rather than a spa pool.

Hot tubs are often made from cedar and require firewood to heat, meaning they are kept cold most of the time. This also means they need to be emptied every few days. They suit 2-8 people sitting upright with no loungers. 

Hot tubs typically don’t have jets for massage, these jets are more for water circulation. They may or may not have LED lights.

What Is A Spa Pool

Spa pools are a staple in many kiwi backyards. The appearance of spa pools has changed drastically over the decades. An old spa pool may have timber or cedar exterior and an acrylic interior in blue, black, or white. Modern spa pools tend to have plastic composite or aluminium exteriors (for durability) and white acrylic interiors. 

Spa pools may have loungers, deep seats, and bench seats. They often have great jets for massage and LED lights. Spa pools are heated via electricity, so they are always the right temperature.

With the right water treatment, spa pools will only need to be emptied once a year.

Benefits Of A Hot Tub

  • The aesthetic is trendy
  • Hot tubs don’t have power costs if they are heated by firewood
  • As there are no loungers, you can fit more people

Benefits Of A Spa Pool

  • Spa pools are always the right temperature and ready to use – don’t need to set a fire and wait 6-8 hours!
  • Jets for massage and hydrotherapy
  • Simple maintenance, rarely need to be drained and the exterior does not need to be stained if it is plastic composite or aluminum
  • No need for fire to heat
  • More comfortable thanks to ergonomically sculpted acrylic as well as choice of seats, loungers, and bench seating

Hot Tubs Vs Spa Pools: Which Is Best?

For us, it’s a no brainer. In fact, we’ve had many customers purchase a hot tub within the last year come to us to upgrade to a spa pool. The convenience factor of being able to jump into a spa pool spontaneously is a big winner. Needing to empty hot tubs every few days and not being able to choose the temperature (often stuck at ouch! levels of hot) were other reasons customers converted to spa pools.

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At Jet Spas, we proudly offer our clients the best quality hot tub alternatives, swim spas and spa pools in Hawkes Bay and around New Zealand at affordable prices. Check out our product range and contact us if you have any questions. 

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