How A 2 Person Spa Pool In NZ Can Help Build Your Relationship

Building a relationship with your significant other is an ongoing endeavour. One of the vital relationship builders is to set aside special times where you can be fully engaged and connected. This means time away from the TV and the tech to just enjoy quality time together.

The great thing about a spa pool is it offers a time to connect with your special someone away from the TV. If you are fresh out of ideas for your next date night, read on to for some top suggestions on how to use your 2 person spa pool in NZ as the perfect venue.

Send An Invitation

Invite your partner out on a special date. Send a cryptic text or slip them a handwritten note. Keep it vague; that way, you can develop some mystery around the proceedings.

Create The Mood

Make sure that you will not be disturbed. Then set the mood by placing candles all around the area. Add aromatherapy candles or a diffuser to enhance the scene. Place clean towels or robes and slippers at hand for use after your soak in the spa pool.


Create a romantic playlist to provide background music. Nothing too loud or wild that will interfere with your intimate conversation. Include some of your shared favourite songs and other memorable numbers like the one that you first danced to or something connected to your first date, wedding, or another special event you have shared.


Prepare some platters of not-too-messy finger food that you can place nearby. Include some of their favourite snacks and some items with romantic appeal ‒ for example, chocolate-coated strawberries, cheeses, chocolate truffles, sushi or oysters.

Prepare a tray of your favourite drinks and ice. Add a jug of cold water infused with some berries, lemon or mint. There’s nothing quite like sippinh an icy drink from your Jet Spas spa-pool-safe champagne flutes.

And now that the scene is set and everything is prepared, enjoy your fantastic spa pool date night.

If this sounds like a fabulous idea to build your relationship, but you don’t yet have a 2 person spa pool in your NZ home, contact Jet Spas today! We offer the best rates on exceptional quality, low-maintenance spa pool products. Your new spa journey awaits.

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