How To Sell The Idea Of A Spa Pool To Your Partner

We get it. Many people who live together often disagree on new home purchases and modifications to their homes. And these disagreements can be very frustrating if not resolved. You may have had your eye on a spa pool in Blenheim or for that matter, any other region in New Zealand, but you know that your partner is not convinced about the thought of it.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! In this article, we’ll go through some of the ways in which you could sell the idea of a spa pool to your partner.

Listen To Their Point Of View

Listening is a very important part of communication. It is essential that you listen to your partner and understand where they are coming from as well as their reasons for not wanting a spa pool. Is it because of the cost? Is it because they don’t fully understand the benefits? Once you know their reasons, you can come up with a compelling counter-argument.

Go Through The Benefits

Don’t hesitate to share the numerous health and wellness benefits that spa pools offer — as well as the entertainment opportunities, of course!

Paint The Picture

You really need to use all five senses when painting the picture of the spa pool experience if you want to capture your partner’s imagination. You could also show them videos of various spa pools so that they get a better idea.

Even a theme for your spa pool can help sell that picture, take a look at our article on themes for your backyard spa pool.

Demonstrate How Often It Would Be Used

Each time it is a beautiful evening at home and you and your partner wonder what you should do, point out the fact that a spa pool would be very useful. The more you do this, the more your partner may begin to see how much use you would actually get out of a spa pool. Take care not to annoy them.

Request It As A Birthday Or Anniversary Gift

If you request a spa pool as an anniversary or wedding gift, you will demonstrate how much you actually want one. The purchase of the spa pool would signify a special time in your life and hold meaning. Other special occasions where you could ask for one include for an engagement present, job promotion, etc.  You could even offer to chip in for it.

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