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Simple Silver Water Treatment 1kg (Swim Spas)

Simple Silver Water Treatment 1kg (Swim Spas)

The perfect alternative to chlorine, bromine, and salt.
With Simple Silver, take the hassle out of owning a Spa.
– Uses Magnesium and Silver
– Empty your spa once a year
– 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Everything you need to know

Try out Jet Spas perfect low-maintenance alternative to Chlorine.
Simple Silver is a Chlorine Free water treatment that uses Magnesium and Silver to clean your water.

 – NO Red Eyes
 – NO Itchy skin
 – NO Water-testing
 – NO PH balancing 
 – NO Odor in the water
 – NO harsh chemicals
– Empty your water once a year (instead of every 6-12 weeks)

Magnesium has many great healing properties, and silver is great for your skin.

Using simple silver is as easy as putting the block in your spa, and using your spa on your terms for a whole year without needing to stress over how balanced your chlorine or bromine is.
Simple Silver comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and works very well with Jet Spas.

For more information, visit:

Try a block of Simple Silver in your Jet Spa today!

**If you do not own a Jet Spa, please visit the Simple Silver website to make sure that Simple Silver is compatible with your spa.

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All our spas include

Water filtration system

Our powerful OZone systems kills bacteria and oxidizes your water, removing the need for chlorine when used with Simple Silver.

Cover & Steps

Paying extra for a cover and steps? No way. As a standard, Jet Spas offer a cover and steps so that your spa is ready to use from the get-go.

Premium Insulation

Insulation is what makes the difference in your power bill. Our premium insulation helps keep your running costs low and your spa toasty.

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Enjoy your spa pool now and pay later with Gem. Jet Spas are an official partner of Gem, allowing us to offer interest free terms up to 12 months interest-free.

Bank transfer

For direct debits, we collect a 50% deposit and the remainder of the purchase due the month your new spa pool is due to arrive.

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