Saltwater Treatment: Introducing The Pros And Cons for Spa Pools

When it comes to maintaining spa pools in Hamilton or anywhere else in New Zealand. Water treatment is crucial in ensuring a safe, clean, and enjoyable experience for bathers. However at Jet Spas, we don’t recommend saltwater treatment for our spa pools and will cover the reasons why in this article. 

At Jet Spas, our preference for water treatment is Simple Silver or traditional chlorine, the conventional choice for sanitising spa pool water. 

This article aims to comprehensively examine the pros and cons of using salt as a water treatment method. Specifically for spa pools in New Zealand, making spa owners aware of why we don’t recommend this treatment. Helping them make informed decisions for their spa pools.

Pros of Using Saltwater Treatment in Spa Pools NZ

Gentle on the Skin and Eyes

In the context of New Zealand’s varying climate and diverse skin types, saltwater treatment offers a gentler experience. The electrolysis process generates a more stable and lower chlorine concentration, reducing the risk of skin and eye irritation for people with sensitive skin or allergies, making it an ideal choice to use in some types of pools.

Reducing Chemical Odor

The saltwater treatment alleviates the strong chemical smell often associated with traditional chlorine or bromine systems. People with spa pools in Hamilton or anywhere else in New Zealand can benefit from the minimised chemical odour, enhancing the ambience and creating a more inviting environment for guests.

Reduced Maintenance Efforts

The unpredictable and sometimes harsh weather in New Zealand can put a strain on spa pool maintenance. Saltwater systems can sometimes ease this burden, as they require less frequent monitoring and chemical adjustments.

Once the initial setup is complete, spa owners can rely on the self-regulating nature of the saltwater treatment to maintain consistent water quality with minimal intervention. This is the same for Simple Silver, which is our recommended choice if you prefer not to use chlorine.

Enhanced Water Quality

The saltwater treatment eliminates bacteria, algae, and other contaminants, resulting in excellent water clarity and purity and a luxurious and enjoyable experience.

Cons of Using Saltwater Treatment for Spa Pools in NZ

Initial Cost

The initial investment can be a significant factor for pool owners in Hamilton or other areas of New Zealand considering a transition to saltwater treatment. Converting to a salt-chlorine generator and ensuring the entire system is compatible with saltwater may involve substantial costs.

Corrosion Risks

The corrosive nature of saltwater can pose challenges for spa pools. Prolonged exposure to saltwater can accelerate wear and tear on metal components, potentially leading to higher maintenance expenses and reduced longevity for certain spa pool elements. 

Electrical Consumption

New Zealanders often emphasise energy conservation and environmental sustainability. Spa owners should be aware that salt-chlorine generators require electricity to perform electrolysis and produce chlorine. Depending on the generator’s size and efficiency, this could result in increased energy consumption, impacting utility bills and sustainability efforts.

pH Imbalance

Properly maintaining pH balance is vital for spa pool water quality. Saltwater systems may gradually increase pH levels over time, requiring additional attention to maintain water balance. A high pH level can reduce the effectiveness of sanitisation and potentially lead to scaling issues, affecting the spa pool’s performance and appearance.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Saltwater Treatment in Spa Pools NZ

  • For spa pool owners in New Zealand with budget constraints, the higher initial costs of converting to a saltwater system may pose challenges.
  • And if the materials of your spa pool are not designed to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater. Then, the potential for damage and increased maintenance costs could outweigh the benefits.
Simple Silver water treatment in spa pool
At Jet Spas, Simple Silver is one of our preferred water treatment options


While saltwater treatment in some types of pools in Hamilton or other regions of New Zealand may offer advantages. Such as skin and eye comfort, reduced chemical odour, and enhanced water quality. It’s essential to note that at Jet Spas, we do not recommend it for our spa pools.

The decision to implement this method should consider factors such as initial costs, corrosion risks, electrical consumption, and pH balance challenges. Pool owners need to be aware that saltwater treatments might not be suitable for most spa pools. And may not align with their preferences or needs.

At Jet Spas we advise against using saltwater treatment in spa pools. As certain materials and components may not be compatible with the corrosive effects of saltwater. Potentially leading to damage and increased maintenance costs. It is essential for New Zealand spa pool owners to make informed decisions by evaluating the pros and cons outlined in this article.

And at Jet Spas, we can provide you with professional guidance on all water treatment options, so why not talk to us now? To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your spa pools.

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