Spa Pool Power Requirements – What’s the Buzz?

They say knowledge is power, and when it comes to spa pool power requirements, knowledge about power will get you far!

If you’re looking at adding a spa pool to your backyard, one of the first things you may wonder is how a spa pool is setup. While some spa pools can be plugged into a standard outdoor outlet, others require a bit more love and care.

Here are the three power requirements your spa pool may have.

1. Plug & Play power requirement

If your spa pool is 10 Amp, it will plug into a standard indoor 3 point socket. So while you could technically set up your spa pool indoor inside to watch the rugby, we recommend that you still talk to an electrician, and get them to install an outdoor 3 point plug for your spa.

As an example, The Spitfire is a 10 amp spa pool.

2. Outdoor 15 Amp power requirement

This means that the spa will plug into an outdoor “15 Amp” socket. A 15 Amp plug looks just like a 10Amp plug, except the bottom earth pin is around twice the size.

3. Hardwired power requirement

Both 22 and 32 amp spas will need to be hardwired. This involves the electrician running a wire from the switchboard, to your spa.

When choosing a location, think about how far away the nearest power supply is, and consider how you plan on getting the power to the spa. A lot of people will run the power cables under and through the foundations. In the case that you are putting the spa on a concrete pad, it might pay to run the power cables before you lay down the concrete foundation.

Still have questions? Reach out to our friendly team for more insights into spa pool power requirements!

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