Spa Pool Power Requirements – What’s the Buzz?

Outdoor power supply plug in wall socket

When considering adding a spa pool or swim spa to your backyard, understanding its power requirements is crucial.

Here’s a comprehensive overview with FAQ’s to help you navigate the setup process:


Plug & Play Power Requirement (10 Amp)

If your spa pool operates on a 10-Amp system, it can be plugged into a standard indoor 3-point socket. However, it’s advisable to consult with an electrician to install an outdoor 3-point plug, even if you intend to set up your spa indoors for convenience.

For example, The Spitfire and the Tango by Jet Spas are 10-Amp spa pool models.


Outdoor 15 Amp Power Requirement

Some spa pools require a 15-Amp power supply, which means they will plug into an outdoor “15-Amp” socket. These plugs resemble 10-Amp plugs, but the bottom earth pin is approximately twice the size.


Hardwired Power Requirement (22 and 32 Amp)

An electrician needs to hardwire spa pools with 22 or 32-Amp requirements. This involves running a wire from the switchboard directly to your spa.

Location Of your Spa Pool

Selecting the right location for your spa pool is crucial for ensuring both safety and convenience. Here’s a more detailed explanation of what to consider:


Proximity to Power Supply

Choose a location that is close to an existing power supply to minimise the length of the cable required. This can reduce the cost of installation and ensure efficient power delivery to your spa pool.


Routing the Power Cable

Decide how you plan to route the power cable from the power supply to the spa pool. Many people choose to run the cable under or through foundations to conceal it and protect it from damage. This requires careful planning to ensure the cable is properly insulated and protected from moisture and other environmental factors.


Concrete Pad Considerations

If you’re placing the spa pool on a concrete pad, it’s essential to lay the power cables before pouring the concrete. This allows the cables to be appropriately secured and protected within the concrete, reducing the risk of damage or wear over time.


Professional Installation

Regardless of the location you choose, it’s essential to have the power supply and cables installed by a qualified electrician. They can ensure that the installation meets all safety standards and regulations, reducing the risk of electrical hazards.

By carefully considering the location of your spa pool and the power supply routing, you can ensure a safe and efficient setup that enhances your enjoyment of your spa pool for years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do spa pools and swim spas require approval for electrical or plumbing in New Zealand?

Yes, spa pools and swim spas require electrical and plumbing approvals as a legal requirement when sold in New Zealand.

These approvals ensure that the products meet the safety and quality standards of NZ regulatory authorities. Electrical approval ensures that the spa pool or swim spa meets the requirements of the Electrical (Safety) Regulations, while plumbing approval ensures compliance with the New Zealand Building Code’s requirements for water supply and drainage. 

Who should do the electrical work for my spa or swim spa installation in NZ?

In New Zealand, only licensed electricians are legally allowed to do electrical work for spa or swim spa installations.

This requirement ensures that the electrical work is done safely and meets the necessary standards. When installing a spa or swim spa, hiring a qualified and licensed electrician with experience with these types of installations is essential.

They will ensure the electrical work is done correctly, reducing the risk of electrical hazards and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Is using an extension lead for my spa pool okay?

No. Spa pools require a dedicated power supply that meets specific electrical requirements to ensure safe operation.

Using an extension lead can increase the risk of electrical hazards, such as electric shock or fire, due to the potential for overloading the extension lead or using it inappropriately outdoors.

It’s essential to have a qualified electrician install a suitable power supply for your spa pool to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations.

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