Spa Pools: The Stress-Free Alternative To Hot Tubs

If you’re looking for hot tubs for sale, your algorithm might start showing you spa pools as an alternative. Same thing, surely? The short answer is no.

While both are used for soaking in hot water in the great outdoors, the difference comes down to running and maintenance costs, energy efficiency and functionality. Here’s why spa pools are the stress-free alternative you should invest in.

Cleaning And Maintenance

With simple water quality testing, well-integrated filtration, and self-sustaining sanitation systems, high-quality spa pools curtail the quantity of time and labour spent on cleaning and maintaining the pool.

Unfortunately, hot tubs often require a lot of maintenance, recurring treatments for cedar wood frames, and regular water drainage, with some even recommending drainage after every use. This is why hot tubs are more suitable for a resort rather than a laid back backyard.

The Alpine Aesthetic

Kiwis understand the benefits of heated water therapy. After all, our ancestors grew up in our volcanic terrain enjoying therapeutic hot springs. This lends itself to the Alpine aesthetic – cozy, nostalgic, upmarket style.

Hot tubs are known for their Alpine aesthetic due to their cedar wood frame and a stock of firewood required to keep water heated. However, the need for lower running costs and stress-free maintenance is driving buyers in a different, more environmentally friendly direction with spa pools and swim spas.

Hot Tub Alternatives

Enter the circular spa pool ‒ officially taking over as the new hot tub. Traditionally, spa pools feature loungers, armchairs, or bench-style seating may be found on both sides. With a wide variety of seating options, you’ll be able to select the one that best fits your needs. Sizes vary from a two-person up to a six-person model.

But one style, in particular, is gathering popularity. There is plenty of space to move and entertain in a circular-style spa pool while also featuring the classic hot tub aesthetic.

The Orbiter: Stress-Free, Fun For The Whole Family

If you’re looking for a hot tub for sale, look no further. The Orbiter is a hot tub alternative ‒ a large round spa pool with the aesthetics of a hot tub but absolutely none of the stress, maintenance requirements, and large water bills.

The Orbiter takes it a step further with its whirlpool feature, which makes it fun for kids, as well as WiFi, which might be even more popular with today’s tech-savvy kids. It has very efficient power requirements: 10 Amps. Simply plug it in, and you are ready to go; no firewood required!

It features a 10-year structural warranty, with 5-year warranties on most of its components. In addition, it’s extraordinarily lightweight at only 320 kg, making it easy to relocate if needed.

Looking for a hot tub alternative? Look no further than Jet Spas Orbiter and Orbiter Max spa pools.

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