Swim Spas: A Great Place For Water Fun And Games

Children knowing how to be water safe is one of the most valuable life lessons they will learn. Swim spas are an excellent place to let them play some fun games while reinforcing their confidence in water without them even realising it.

Read on for some fun game ideas for your enthusiastic little wimmers to play.

Treasure hunt

Have a variety of weighted toys that sink in water. Drop the toys into the swim spa for the kids to find. Children can play this game in numerous ways. Time how long it takes for all the toys to be retrieved. The player with the shortest time is the winner. Or play in teams, where the team that collects the most toys is the winner. Your children may even want to make up their own rules on how to run this game.

Throwing Games

Look at your local pool store or online for floating ring toss games. They are available in assorted sizes and configurations. Choose one that is age-appropriate for your children. The game’s objective is to throw rings over a peg to score. Games can be played in many ways, either individually, against other players, against the clock, or in teams.

Frisbees, blow-up beach balls and Waboba balls (that skim across the surface of swim spas) are both excellent choices for throwing games.

Hoop And Net Games

Fun games such a basketball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis are all available in pool variants.

Strategy Games

Games to stretch the mind rather than the body have also been adapted for pool use. Look out for pool-friendly versions of tic tac toe, checkers, and backgammon. Oversized inflatable dice are also available with instructions for play or let kids make up their own games.

Water Shooting Games

Water guns are an old favourite. These days they come in a massive variety from simple blaster tubes to fancy pump-action shooters. Your kids will love firing at each other with jet blasts of water.

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