The Best Swim Spa Playtime Tips With Your Baby

A mother isplaying with her baby in the pool.

All the moments that we have with our babies are memorable and priceless, creating new memories and witnessing them grow day by day. 

Their first steps, first word, first smile and first splash.

Maintaining your baby’s daily routine and including new activities can be challenging, especially as a new parent. Besides all the must-dos, thinking of different activities for each playtime is another task. We hear you saying, “ I need longer days to do all these things.” We can’t make your days longer, but we can help you use your valuable time efficiently and create fun memories with your bubbas with Jet Spas  Swim Spas playtime ideas.

Let’s jump right in!

Baby in the swim spa pool

What is the best age to start swimming with a baby?

Experts suggest that water play, apart from bath time, should be introduced to babies from 3 months to 1 year of age. It is important to note that newborns cannot swim and must learn gradually. Although infants enjoy water, they need time and practice to develop basic skills. Therefore, it is necessary always to supervise your baby in the water.

Playing in water is not only FUN!

Having fun is the best part of being in the water. Imagine that you have a swim spa in your backyard; enjoying this with baby makes you think that you made the right decision to have a swim spa. Jetspas presents you the NZ’s best value swim spa range to make your dream come true.

Besides creating joyful moments, a swim spa can offer several benefits, especially for your infant.

Early Introduction, Lifelong Benefits: Introducing water to your baby early on sets the stage for a positive relationship with water throughout their lives. With that early introduction, they’re less likely to develop fear or anxiety around water later.

Building Blocks for Swimming: Infants who feel comfortable in the water are more likely to transition smoothly to formal swimming lessons when they’re older. 

Growing Strong in Water: Water activities are a fantastic way to promote physical development in infants. The low-impact environment allows them to use and strengthen their muscles while practising coordination.

A World of Sensory Exploration: Water play is a sensory feast! It engages your baby’s touch, sight, and hearing. Splashing, kicking, and playing with water toys provide stimulation that can boost cognitive development and sensory processing skills.

Temperature Regulation: Water activities can help infants regulate their body temperature. Cool water helps prevent overheating on hot days, while warm water can provide comfort and relaxation.

Jet Spas Sierra swim spa

Swim Spa Activities for Your Baby

Choosing suitable activities and creating a safe environment for your little one should be our starting point. When it comes to activities, introduce your baby to them slowly and don’t force them if they feel uncomfortable or scared. Each baby is different, and even though they are tiny humans, they know what they want.

Here are some activity ideas:

Splash Splash Splash!: 

Allow your baby to experience the sensation of water by gently splashing and playing with them in the shallow side of the swim spa. Encourage them to kick their legs and arms to explore the water. The Sierra Swim Spa has three seating areas and one comfortable lounger that can be used as shallow playgrounds for your baby, and when your baby gets older, they can use those high areas for jumping into the deep section.  And don’t forget to sing this song;“If you’re happy and you know it splash your hands if you’re happy and you know it splash your hands if you’re happy and you know it then you really ought to show it, if you’re happy and you know it….kick your feet”.

Flat Pancake (Floating game): 

Support your baby on their back while gently holding them under their head and back. Sing “I’m a little pancake on my back. I’m a little pancake nice and flat. I’m a little pancake on my back. Flip me over just like that” to encourage the baby to roll over and float on their tummy. This position allows them to experience the sensation of floating and helps build water confidence.

Water Toys hunting: 

Use colourful and floating toys and place them in your swim spa to engage your infant in water play. Paddle along with your baby to encourage water confidence. Find some toys that squirt water, float, or make noise can capture their attention and make the water experience more enjoyable. 

Baby Spa: 

Massage your baby’s arms, legs, and back while in the water using gentle strokes and movements. This can promote relaxation and sensory stimulation. The Sierra Swim Spa offers x54 powerful massage jets that you and your baby can enjoy with bubbles while getting a nice and gentle massage every time. Water temperature plays an important role in your baby’s comfort. Also, with Swim Zone technology, you can adjust the temperature of your swim spa for different seasons.


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