The Perfect Movie Night Set Up for a Spa Pool

You may think that a spa pool is only meant for relaxing at the end of a long day, but what better way to relax than with a spa pool movie night? Invite some friends over, and enjoy your spa pool together while you take the opportunity to watch that movie that’s been on your bucket list for ages!

As suppliers of spa pools in New Plymouth, the team at Jet Spas is very passionate about everything to do with spa pools- including spa pool movie nights. In this article we’ll give you some tips for the perfect spa pool movie night set-up.

Choose a Clear Night

Unless your spa pool is completely undercover, you probably want to choose a clear and balmy night for your movie night, so check that weather report!

Rent or Buy a Projector

For a spa pool movie night, a projector is going to be used. Unless, of course, your spa pool is directly facing your TV. A projector can be bought or rented. You may have to get a little creative when it comes to the screen. A white wall or a sheet can work well enough if you don’t have a proper projector screen.

Choose a Movie That Your Audience Will Love

Think about who you are inviting and what movie they may enjoy. It may be funny to watch ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’, but it may not be kid-appropriate. You could watch something water-themed or the latest blockbuster to be safe.

Spa Pool Friendly Drinks and Snacks

Prepare drinks and snacks that will be fairly easy to enjoy in your spa pool. You may want to use plastic cups instead of glass and create easy-to-snack-on platters. Be sure to clean your spa pool. Once everyone has gone homes, you’re bound to find candy floating around.

Create Ambience

Now that all of your basics are taken care of, you can really add to the finer details. You can create ambience through good lighting. Soft lighting would be best so that the movie takes centre stage. You could also add some decorations depending on if you have a theme or not.

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