The Ultimate Backyard Upgrade With A Bravo Swim Spa

Bravo Swim Spa with cover pulled back

Craving an expansive swimming space without sacrificing the luxury of a spa? The Bravo Dual Zone Swim Spa delivers the best of both worlds in an extra-large design. Unlike many swim spas, the Bravo boasts a deep and extended swimming zone, offering an authentic pool-like experience for laps or aquatic exercises.

It also integrates a dedicated spa area for relaxation, making it a versatile solution for your backyard. With the Bravo, you can enjoy the benefits year-round with its perfectly heated water, maintaining spa temperatures in winter and cool temperatures in summer.

This feature positions it as a compelling alternative to a traditional pool, ensuring your comfort and enjoyment no matter the season.

The Bravo Swim Spa Is Perfect for Confident Swimmers and Family Fun

Designed for confident swimmers, the Bravo Swim Spa is equipped with five powerful swim jets backed by three robust swim pumps and a unique “Dual Filter and HIP” design. This innovative design minimises the swim current bouncing off the back wall, ensuring a smoother swim experience.

You can easily control the pressure of the swim jets to customise the current speed to your preference, offering a unique and personalised swimming experience.

With 51 massage jets in the Spa Zone and 33 in the Swim Zone, the Bravo Swim Spa delivers a first-class massage experience without compromising on premium features. These jets are powered by three strong massage pumps, providing the perfect massage whenever and wherever you need it.

Ideal for entertaining, the Bravo has Bluetooth speakers, a WiFi controller, water fountains, and LED perimeter lighting around the spa and pool.

Versatile Features for Every Occasion

Whether you’re looking to exercise or relax, the Bravo Dual Zone Swim Spa caters to your needs. It’s not just a swim spa. It’s a versatile solution for your backyard. Enjoy a spa experience that combines relaxation, massage, exercise, and entertainment. The possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours.

Bravo swim spa against hills and blue sky

Key Features of the Bravo Dual Zone Swim Spa:

5.5m Swim Zone: There is ample space for swimming or playing, offering plenty of room for exercise or fun for everyone.

Powerful Swim Jets: Five powerful swimming jets and four robust pumps cater to even the best swimmers.

Versatile Temperature Control: Swim Zone can be set to pool temperatures in summer and spa temperatures in winter, allowing year-round use.

High-Quality Design: The Bravo Swim Spa features a unique ‘Dual Filter and HIP’ design. This design reduces water bouncing off the back wall, providing a smoother swim. The ‘Dual Filter’ system ensures clean and clear water, while the ‘HIP’ design enhances the swim experience by minimising the swim current bouncing off the back wall.

Premium Entertainment Features: Bluetooth speakers, multicolour LED lighting, and WiFi control make it perfect for any gathering.

Ergonomic Design: Spacious seating, including loungers and seats in both the Spa and Swim Zones, ensures comfort for everyone.

Energy Efficiency: The Bravo Swim Spa is designed with an optional 9kW pool heat pump, which reduces running costs by up to 75% and heats and cools the pool quickly. This feature not only saves you money but also reduces your carbon footprint.

Why Choose a Swim Spa Over a Traditional Pool?

Year-Round Use: Operate at spa temperatures in winter and cool temperatures in summer.

Minimal Compliance Requirements: No need for fencing and council compliance.

Easy Maintenance: Simple to maintain compared to traditional pools.

Compact Design: Takes up less space in your backyard.

Customisable Comfort: Both zones can be heated up to 40 degrees in winter or cooled to 10 degrees in summer.

Bravo Swim Spa Specifications:


      • Dimensions: 7450 x 2250 x 1490 mm

      • Seating Capacity:

      • Spa Zone: 1 Lounger + 4 Seats

      • Swim Zone: 1 Lounger + 2 Seats

      • Jets:

      • Spa Zone: 57 Massage Jets

      • Swim Zone: 33 Massage Jets + 5 Swim Jets


        • Lighting: Multi-Colour Perimeter LED Lighting in both zones

        • Music: Built-in Bluetooth Speaker Audio System

        • WiFi: A WiFi Controller for convenient operation

        • Ozone System: CD OZone for water sanitation

        • Warranty: 10 Year Structural, 5 Year Heater, Controller, Jets, and Acrylic

        • Heaters:

        • 3kW Heater in Spa Zone

        • 3kW Heater in Swim Zone

        • Optional 8.8kW Heat Pump


          • Pumps: Various pumps for swimming, massage, and circulation

          • Power Requirements: 70 Amps (2 Phase)

          • Water Capacity: 8000L

        Bravo swim spa

        Why Choose Jet Spas?

        Jet Spas is renowned for offering the finest swim spas designed to enhance your fitness and well-being. Immerse yourself in the soothing warm waters of our swim spas and enjoy the perfect blend of exercise and relaxation.

        Jet Spas: Unmatched Quality and Comfort

        Premium Materials: Built with North American acrylic, CD OZone water filtration, strong insulation, and superior jets.

        Versatility: Perfect combination of a spa pool and swimming pool.

        Exceptional Quality: Crafted to withstand New Zealand’s diverse weather conditions.

        Tailored Hydrotherapy: Customisable jet settings for therapeutic benefits.

        Energy Efficiency: Designed to save on utility costs while providing year-round enjoyment.

        Easy Maintenance: Engineered for hassle-free ownership.

        At Jet Spas, We Elevate Your Living with Luxury Swim Spas

        In conclusion, the Bravo Dual Zone Swim Spa is the ultimate solution for those seeking a perfect blend of relaxation, fitness, and entertainment. With its innovative design, long and deep swim zone, and premium features like powerful swim jets, massage jets, Bluetooth speakers, and LED lighting, the Bravo Swim Spa truly stands out from the competition. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day, engage in a rigorous aquatic workout, or create memorable moments with family and friends, the Bravo has you covered.

        Thanks to adjustable temperatures for both spa and pool zones, the Bravo Swim Spa is usable year-round, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment no matter the season. Plus, with easy maintenance and energy-efficient options like the 9kw pool heat pump, the Bravo Swim Spa offers both convenience and cost savings.

        For anyone looking to elevate their backyard experience and enjoy the best of both worlds—a spa and a pool—the Bravo Dual Zone Swim Spa is an unbeatable choice. Contact our team today to learn more about how you can bring this luxurious, versatile swim spa into your home and start enjoying its many benefits.

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