Understanding CD Ozone: The Ultimate Spa Pool Sanitisation

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If you’ve been exploring the world of spa pools, you’ve likely come across the term “Ozone.” 

Ozone, an automatic sanitising system, has been an integral part of spas for as long as they have existed. In this article, we will delve into the realm of CD Ozone and uncover its significance in spa pools. At Jet Spas, we firmly believe in the power of ozone sanitisation and will cover off the reasons why in this article.

So, What Exactly is Ozone in a Spa Pool, and Do You Need it?

Let’s start by exploring how ozone works and what it does for your spa. An ozone generator takes oxygen (O2) from the atmosphere and converts it into ozone (O3) within your spa. This process adds oxygen molecules, resulting in O3. Oxygen, an oxidiser, reacts with microscopic particles in the spa water, effectively dissolving them.

Two primary technologies are employed to generate O3:

Two Primary Technologies are Employed to Generate O3:

UV and Corona Discharge (CD) Ozone. While UV sterilisers simulate the effects of sunshine, CD Ozone replicates the powerful effects of lightning. As a result, CD ozone systems have gained recognition as the superior choice, and most spa manufacturers now utilise this technology.

Ozone oxidises like chlorine, bromine, and hydrogen peroxide, reducing reliance on these common spa chemical sanitisers. Oxidisers render various contaminants in your spa water inert, allowing them to be eliminated by the filtration system. By doing so, ozone not only enhances the cleanliness of the water but also eradicates harmful bacteria.

However, it is essential to note that ozone does not entirely replace the need for chemical sanitisers. Instead, it reduces the quantity required for maintaining optimal spa water quality.

Is CD Ozone Harmful?

 Now, you may wonder if ozone in a spa pool harms humans. Rest assured, the ozone concentrations used in spa pools are not harmful. This technology has been used for decades without any evidence of adverse effects on spa users. In this regard, ozone is no different from the chemical mentioned above in sanitisers. So it is safe for use in your spa, although consuming it is not advisable!

While ozone proves beneficial for spa sanitisation, exercising caution in its usage is crucial. Ozone or any other oxidiser can damage a spa pool’s plastic components, shell, headrests, and cover when misused. Therefore, ozone systems must be installed correctly. 

Unfortunately, many low-quality spas have suffered irreparable damage over the years due to inexperienced manufacturers’ improper installation of ozone units.

Considering maintenance, ozone units typically require replacement every five years. The installation ensures their continued effectiveness in sanitising your spa pool.

What are Alternatives to Ozone?

Apart from ozone, other automatic cleaning systems are available for spa pools. Such as UV sterilisers, multistage filter systems, spa chemical dispensers, and salt chlorinators are viable alternatives. However, it is essential to note that salt chlorination systems still rely on chlorine. This is because they are systems that convert the chlorine present in salt to chlorine in the water.

If you wish to avoid chlorine altogether, various non-chlorine sanitisers are available that eliminate the need for investing in an expensive saltwater chlorination system. Read more in our article on CD vs. UV Ozone for Spa Pools.

At the End of the Day

Every spa pool should ideally be equipped with an ozone unit. Fortunately, most high-quality spa pools already have ozone sanitising systems as a standard feature. However, in the case of inexpensive plug-and-play spas, ozone units are often optional. Nevertheless, we highly recommend considering ozone as a crucial addition to your spa pool.

At Jet Spas, we firmly believe in the power of ozone sanitisation. If you want to know more about Ozone systems, talk to us at Jet Spas, your Spa Pool Specialists. 

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