Unwind In Style: How To Select Your Tauranga Spa Pool

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When it comes to selecting the perfect spa pool for your Tauranga paradise or anywhere else in New Zealand, the journey begins with a thoughtful consideration of your available outdoor space and the intended purpose of the spa pool. This crucial first step lays the foundation for a spa experience that seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle and enhances the aesthetics of your space. Here’s a breakdown of why considering your space and needs is so essential:

1. Space Assessment:

Before purchasing a spa pool, take a moment to assess the outdoor space you have available. Tauranga’s landscapes are diverse, ranging from cosy courtyards to spacious backyards. By understanding your space limitations, you can narrow down the size options that will comfortably fit without overwhelming your outdoor area.


  • Measure your available outdoor space to determine the dimensions you have to work with.
  • Consider the layout and limitations of your backyard or courtyard.
  • Evaluate how much of the space you’re willing to allocate to the spa pool.
  • What surface will your spa pool be sitting on? And do you need to make alterations to suit it.

2. Purpose and Usage:

Next, you should define the primary purpose of your spa pool. Are you seeking a tranquil and private retreat for relaxation after a long day? Or perhaps you envision hosting lively gatherings with friends and family? Understanding how you plan to use the spa pool will guide your choices in terms of size, seating capacity, and features.


  • Define the primary purpose of the spa pool: relaxation, entertainment, or a mix of both.
  • Consider how often you’ll use the spa pool and the occasions for which you’ll use it.
  • Determine if the spa pool will be a private escape or a social hub for gatherings.
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3. Family-Friendly Considerations:

   If you have a family, consider how the spa pool will cater to everyone’s needs. A family-friendly spa pool or swim spa should offer features that accommodate all ages, from adjustable jets for different preferences to safety measures that ensure worry-free enjoyment for kids.


  • If you have a family, think about the ages and needs of all family members.
  • Evaluate if the spa pool features accommodate different preferences and safety concerns.
  • Consider features that make the spa pool enjoyable for both adults and children.

4. Entertainment vs. Relaxation:

   Decide whether your spa pool will be a hub of entertainment or a serene escape. If you’re looking to create a social oasis, features like built-in speakers and LED lighting might be appealing. On the other hand, if relaxation is your goal, consider features like comfortable seating and soothing water jets.


  • Decide if you want your spa pool to have entertainment features like speakers or lighting.
  • Consider whether you prefer a spa pool that encourages relaxation and stress relief.
  • And determine if you want water jets that provide a massage-like experience.

5. Future Planning:

While thinking about the present, also consider the future of your spa pool needs. Will your family grow, or will your usage patterns change? Selecting a spa pool that accommodates potential changes ensures a long-lasting investment that continues to meet your family and your needs.


  • Consider any potential changes in your family size or lifestyle over the next few years.
  • Also, think about how the spa pool’s features and capacity will accommodate future needs.
  • And decide if the spa pool will continue to meet your requirements as circumstances change.s 

6. Aesthetic Harmony:

   Think about how the spa pool will integrate with your outdoor landscape. A spa pool that complements your property’s design and aesthetics enhances the overall visual appeal of your space, creating a cohesive and inviting environment.


  • Visualise how the spa pool will blend with your property’s design and outdoor landscape.
  • Think about colour schemes, materials, and features that harmonise with your surroundings.
  • And evaluate if the spa pool will become a focal point or blend in as a complementary element to your home and garden.


When it comes to choosing the perfect spa pool in Tauranga or any area in New Zealand begins with understanding your space constraints and envisioning how the spa pool will fit into your lifestyle. By considering these factors, you’re on your way to selecting a spa pool that seamlessly blends relaxation, enjoyment, and aesthetics into your outdoor oasis.

At Jet Spas, we’re committed to bringing the luxury of a spa experience to your Tauranga home, in fact anywhere in New Zealand, without compromise. Start creating unforgettable memories and elevate your outdoor living with a spa pool that promises relaxation and enjoyment for years to come. 

Why not Book a 30-minute spa pool consultation call with our experts and determine which option works best for you. 

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