Why a Swim Spa Pool Beats a Traditional Swimming Pool Any Day

Swim spas are a fantastic alternative to traditional swimming pools and are enjoying more and more popularity around the world. If you want to add a pool to your home for you and your family to swim in and enjoy, you may want to consider a swim spa over a traditional swimming pool. This is because swim spas offer a range of incredible benefits and advantages, including:

Adding Value to Your Home

Swim spa pools in NZ have become increasingly popular. Many new homeowners are looking for homes with swim spas. Thus, investing in a swim spa could add immense value to your home. When looking to sell your home at a later stage, your swim spa could attract potential buyers.


Unlike a pool, a swim spa has multiple functions. It offers space to swim, hot tub functions and entertainment opportunities. When purchasing a swim spa you get a 3-in-1 investment.

Use it All Year Round

Swimming pools tend to get very cold at certain times of the year, but swim spas are heated, so you get to use them all the time, giving you a better return on your investment.

Ideal for Exercise

Swim spas provide the ideal exercise environment. The warm and buoyant water makes it perfect for those dealing with chronic pain. Swim spas offer more than enough space for various aquatic exercises. Swim spas are equipped with jets to swim against, as well as an exercise bar to hold while swimming against the current.


The warm water and jets that swim spas provide are ideal for relaxation! A swim spa can really help you wind down after a long stressful day. The peace that swim spas offer can even help improve our sleep.


Swim spas are significantly more affordable than installing an in-ground swimming pool. Due to the labor required, consents, and materials, a small swimming pool starts at $40,000NZD. Our most affordable swim spas start at less than $20,000NZD.



A swim spa provides the ideal focal point for entertainment. Whether the kids want to play games in the swim spa or the adults want to relax in it with a glass of wine, the swim spa really does allow for hours of entertainment.

Are you looking to purchase a swim spa pool in NZ? Please have a look at our wonderful range offered by Jet Spas, and feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions about our spa pools and swim spas in NZ.

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