Your dream spa pool

better prices
better warranties

Let's Make Your Spa Pool
Dream a Reality.

Turning your backyard into your own personal retreat; that dream isn’t lightyears away. In fact, it could be just around the corner. Whatever your spa pool dream is, work with Jet Spas NZ to make it a reality.

Hassle-Free Water Treatment

Chlorine-free, bromine-free; hassle-free options available

Some of NZ's Best Warranties

5 Year heater & control unit warranty, 10 year structural

Less Costs = Better Value

By cutting out intermediaries, we can offer better quality products

Flexible Shipping

Deliver to depot, to street, or into place, anywhere in NZ

Are You Ready?

It’s time. Let’s match you with your dream spa pool.

Our promise to you

The Jet Process was developed following conversations with hundreds of kiwis about the best and trickiest parts of spa ownership.
Based on this, we have developed the below system.


Simple maintenance

Compared to traditional cleansing products, empty your spa once a year; not once every few months with our Simple Silver Water Treatment.


The best rates

Our direct-from-the-manufacturer model allows you to get the best rate, every time. It’s the same product with better warranties & price.


Exceptional standard 

Standard doesn’t need to mean basic; as a baseline, we offer ozone filtration, good insulation and better warranties.

How we work

The Jet Difference

Jet Spas was founded after talking to kiwis nationwide who went through the spa pool buying process. Relaxation, therapy, relationship building, entertaining; these are just a few of the reasons why kiwis love soaking in spas. 

As relaxing as the spa pool experience is, the spa pool buying and maintaining process was considered… less enjoyable. Expensive products, poor project management, and tiresome maintenance processes were all common complaints. 

Enter Jet Spas. We reckon the entire spa process should be enjoyable, from purchasing a spa to maintaining it well-down the track. With cost-cutting supply chain management, and nearly self-maintaining natural spa materials, Jet Spas exists to turn the industry on its head. 

Let’s begin.

Your new spa journey awaits.

Looking for something a bit different?

Are you looking for a hot tub, Spa Pools Online but do not want to change the water all the time, the constant maintenance, or high running costs that hot tubs often hold? The Orbiter range offers the benefits of gorgeous hot tub aesthetic without the hassle and maintenance that comes with owning a hot tub. You know, like waiting two hours for it to heat up, topping up the logs, dealing with firewood mess, and constantly needing to empty the water. These spacious spa pools have with room to move, entertain, and with the whirlpool jet, it’s a lot of fun for the whole family.
jet spas spa pool