The Jet Spas Difference

When selecting a spa pool retailer, you may not have considered how to get your new spa pool exactly where you want it.

Most spa pool retailers will outsource their spa pool deliveries to contractors who will move the spa pool into place. Some spa pool retailers will only deliver your spa pool to the nearest Mainfrieght depot, or to your front door, meaning you need to find a way to get your spa pool into its final spot. Not easy when most spa pools weigh 300kgs and need half a team of rugby players to move!

Jet Spas have a dedicated internal delivery team who specialize in spa pool deliveries. These team members will ensure your spa pool is delivered exactly where you need it to go using specialist equipment imported from the USA. Our team will talk you through your new spa pool so that you aren’t left in the dark.

In the case that it is not cost-effective to use Jet Spas internal delivery team, we will project manage one of our external partners to ensure your spa pool is delivered precisely where you require it to go.

Spa Pool Delivery Trolley
Green Land spa pool being transported into place

How are spa pools delivered?

Most of the time, spa pools can be delivered cost-effectively using a spa moving trolley and two specialists who have moved hundreds of spa pools.

When a spa pool is required to travel a flight of stairs, or squeeze through tight spaces, a Hiab may be required.

The Jet Spas delivery team will project manage the use of the Hiab.

Please note the use of a Hiab is charged additional to the price of delivering the spa pool to your home.

Checklist for delivering your spa pool

1. Review spa pool delivery disclaimer

This can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

2. Submit details to our delivery team

Before we can move your spa, we need you to send photos of the access to your spa area. Make sure the path leading to the spa is at least 870mm wide, and note any obstacles including gas meters, A/C units, protruding electric meters, stairs, gates, dog houses etc. We will request all this information prior to delivery.

3. Prepare your site for delivery

Ensure the delivery path is clear from any movable obstacles. While it is not required for you to be present for the spa pool delivery, please ensure our team have everything they need to know about access to the site.

4. Save yourself time, money, and a damaged spa

No need to worry about calling around your mates, or trying to figure out how on earth you will get the spa around the side of your house. Save the stress of trying to lift 400kg’s with not enough people and running the risk of damaging either your precious spa, the house, or even your movers.

Using our team, you can sit back knowing it has all been taken care of. Get a cold one, or some bubbly, and enjoy your first spa party

Indicative Pricing

These estimates include delivery of the spa pool to your location, and then into place, where possible. Hiabs are charged separately.

The pricing shown includes GST.



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