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Spa pool movers

Existing Spa Pool Relocation/ Removal

Whether you’re looking to relocate a favourite spa pool between homes or remove an unwanted spa pool, we can help. Make your move stress-free by letting our expert spa pool movers handle your spa pool move.

Moving a spa pool is a specialist skill. Spa pools are fragile and can weigh up to 400kgs when empty. With no need for a crane or hiab to move your spa, Jet Spas’ team of spa pool movers has specialist equipment for relocating spa pools, without the stress.

How are spa pools transported?

Our experienced team use a Spa Dolly imported direct from the USA and is specially designed for moving spa pools on their side around customers’ homes. We tip the spa on its side onto the dolly and will walk around the side of your house. The dolly is perfect for easily getting spa pools in and out of tight spaces.

Using this equipment, we can travel over soft grass, gravel, and more without damaging your spa pool. This equipment means we only require our team of two to move your spa pool. Get the experts with the right equipment to move your next spa. 

Check for adequate gate clearance and remove any fence panels if necessary to allow access for the delivery.

What areas do you service?

Jet Spas offer spa pool moving services in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, and beyond. Get in touch with our team for a quote for your area.

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Can my spa pool be moved?

While many spa pools can be transported, there are some situations where this may not be possible. There are requirements for both the site we are collecting your spa pool from, as well as the site we are delivering your spa pool to. 

Note: If there are stairs or other obstacles the spa will have to travel over to get to the site, additional clearances may be required and we may need other people on site to help.


  • 870mm wide clearance 
  • Sufficient overhead clearance
  • Any possible obstacles removed
  • No more than 6 consecutive stairs without a landing
Affordable rates
Indicative Pricing

We would love to move, deliver, or remove your next spa.

The pricing shown is indicative, so give us a call, or leave us a message below and our friendly team will happily answer any questions you might have.

More competitive rates are available for customers purchasing a Jet Spa and needing their existing spa removed.

The pricing shown includes GST.

Delivery Removal Relocation Pricing

Let’s get moving!

Wondering if your spa pool can be moved?

Checklist for moving your spa pool

Review our spa relocation / Removal Disclaimer. This can be found here.

Before we can move your spa, we need you to send photos of the access to your spa area. Make sure the path leading to the spa is at least 870mm wide, and note any obstacles including gas meters, A/C units, protruding electric meters, stairs, gates, dog houses etc. 

You can send photos of the path to sales@jetspas.co.nz

Ensure the delivery path is clear from any movable obstacles. Empty the spa pool two days beforehand to ensure it is completely empty when the team arrives.

No need to worry about calling around your mates, or trying to figure out how on earth you will get the spa around the side of your house. Save the stress of trying to lift 400kg’s with not enough people and running the risk of damaging either your precious spa, the house, or even your movers.

Using our team, you can sit back knowing it has all been taken care of.

Enjoy a cold one, and enjoy your first spa party!

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