Beat the Heat: Your Ultimate Summer Cool-down Solution

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As the temperature continues to rise in the Land of the Long White Cloud during the summer months, finding ways to stay cool becomes a top priority. While spa pools are traditionally associated with warmth and relaxation, did you know that your Jet Spa spa pool can also be your go-to oasis for a cool-down solution during the scorching New Zealand summer? 

In comparison to Rotorua’s thermal hot pools, which offer only heat year-round, investing in a Jet Spas spa pool in Rotorua or, in fact, anywhere in New Zealand provides unparalleled versatility. They can effortlessly transform into refreshing cold pools to combat the heat, making them the perfect investment for the hot months ahead. 

Experience the best of both worlds with a spa pool that not only heats up for those chilly evenings but also cools down to provide a cool-down solution for relief during summer. Available 24/7 in the comfort of your own backyard.

The Dual Functionality of Jet Spas Spa Pools

One key feature that sets spa pools apart is their ability to adapt to your needs. Beyond the soothing warmth they provide in cooler seasons, these versatile pools can be adjusted to deliver cool, invigorating water during the summer months. This dual functionality makes Jet Spas spa pools a year-round investment, ensuring you get the most out of your purchase.

Refreshing Hydrotherapy:

Jet Spas are equipped with powerful hydrotherapy jets that can be customised to create a gentle, cooling breeze when the heat becomes unbearable. The targeted streams of water can mimic the sensation of a cool summer breeze, providing a refreshing escape without leaving the comfort of your backyard. Imagine the joy of unwinding in your own spa pool while feeling the soothing touch of cool water against your skin.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:

Spa pools from Jet Spas are designed with energy efficiency in mind. You can also enjoy the benefits of a cold pool while saving on energy bills. With advanced insulation and energy-saving features, Jet Spas ensures that you stay cool in Summer and enjoy the warmth when temperatures cool down again.

Customisable Temperature Control:

Jet Spas puts you in control of your cooling experience. You can easily adjust the water temperature to suit your preference with user-friendly temperature controls. Whether you’re looking for a mildly refreshing dip or a more invigorating cool-down, Jet Spas spa pools allow you to create the perfect environment for beating the summer heat.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With A Jet Spas Swim Spa

Investing in a swim spa from Jet Spas doesn’t just bring relief from the cold in warmer months or, in this case, the heat of summer; it’s a transformative addition to your outdoor living space. With various models to choose from, ranging from the Foxtrot at 3.9 metres to the expansive Bravo at 7.5 metres, you can tailor your swim spa experience to match your preferences and available space.

The Versatility of Swim Spas:

For those seeking the ultimate in-summer cool-down options, consider the investment in a swim spa from Jet Spas. Swim spas combine the benefits of a swimming pool and a spa pool, offering a multifaceted solution for your summer relaxation. 

With adjustable current settings, you can create the perfect environment for both swimming and hydrotherapy, all within the confines of a single, space-saving unit.

Spa Pools: Tailored Models to Suit Your Space

Jet Spas understands that every backyard is unique, and that’s why their range includes models of varying sizes. Whether you opt for the cosy Tango, the spacious Bravo, or anything in between, you can be confident that Jet Spas has the perfect fit spa for your outdoor oasis. The compact design of the two-person Tango makes it ideal for smaller spaces. At the same time, the 7.5 metre Bravo swim spa caters to those who desire a more expansive spa and swimming experience.

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The Versatile Cooling Solution Over Rotorua’s Thermal Pools.

While Rotorua’s renowned thermal pools offer a unique and relaxing experience, they come with a significant limitation – they are consistently warm to hot temperatures. In contrast, the versatility of Jet Spas, particularly the ability to cool down, provides an unmatched level of adaptability to the changing seasons, making them a superior choice for your hydrotherapy needs.

Seasonal Adaptability:

Rotorua’s thermal pools maintain a consistent warmth, which can be limiting during the hot summer months. Jet Spas spa pools, on the other hand, offer the flexibility to adjust temperatures, transforming them into refreshing cool pools when the heat becomes overwhelming. This adaptability ensures you can enjoy your spa all year round, tailoring it to your specific comfort levels.

Personalised Cooling Experience:

Rotorua is a geothermal wonderland with hot water literally on tap 24/7. There are bubbling mud pools, steaming vents and spouting geysers everywhere you look. 

Unlike the fixed temperature of Rotorua’s thermal pools, a Jet Spas spa pool allows you to create a personalised cooling experience. 

Whether you prefer a mildly refreshing soak or a cooler plunge, the adjustable settings on Jet Spas cater to your unique preferences, offering a level of customisation that fixed-temperature pools can’t match. 

Space and Convenience:

While Rotorua’s thermal pools require a visit to a specific location, Jet Spas brings the spa experience to your doorstep. The convenience of having a spa pool at home means you can warm up or cool down whenever you want without the need to travel or adhere to specific operating hours.

Year-Round Enjoyment:

Rotorua’s thermal pools might be enticing during the colder seasons. Still, Jet Spas provides a more versatile solution all year round. When the summer sun is beating down, transforming your spa into a cool oasis becomes a key advantage, offering relief from the heat and making your investment in a Jet Spa even more worthwhile.

Cost-Effective Relaxation:

Opting for a Jet Spa over frequent visits to Rotorua’s thermal pools can also be a cost-effective choice in the long run. With Jet Spas’ energy-efficient features and customisable temperature controls, you can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy without the ongoing expenses associated with external thermal pool visits.

While Rotorua’s thermal pools offer a unique experience, the adaptability and versatility of Jet Spas make them a superior choice for those seeking a personalised, year-round hydrotherapy solution. Invest in Jet Spas for the ultimate in at-home relaxation, tailored to your preferences and the ever-changing seasons of New Zealand. Your spa experience, your way, whenever you desire.

A Spa Pool Is A Lifestyle Upgrade

Jet Spas are more than just a practical investment; they represent a lifestyle upgrade. Adding a Jet Spa spa pool or swim spa to your outdoor living space elevates your home into your own private backyard retreat where you can unwind, socialise, and stay cool during the New Zealand summer. It’s an investment not just in your Rotorua property or, in fact, anywhere in New Zealand but in your overall well-being.

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Keeping Your Spa Pool Cool in Summer

Adjusting Temperature Settings:

The beauty of spa pools lies in their adaptability. During the scorching summer months, for a cool-down solution, simply adjust the temperature settings to enjoy a refreshing cool-down. Most spa pools allow you to set the water temperature according to your preference, making it easy to find the perfect balance between relaxation and a cooling sensation.

Utilising Hydrotherapy Jets:

Activate the hydrotherapy jets to create a gentle breeze of cool water. The targeted streams provide a refreshing experience and enhance the overall sensation of relaxation. Experiment with different jet settings to find the right combination that suits your summer cool-down needs.

Shading and Placement:

Consider the placement of your Jet Spa spa pool. Optimal positioning, such as under a pergola or near trees, can provide natural shade, ensuring the water remains cooler for extended periods. Strategic placement can make a significant difference in maintaining the desired temperature during the hottest parts of the day.

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What Is A Good Duration To Stay In A Cold Tub:

The duration you can comfortably spend in a cold tub varies from person to person. Typically, starting with shorter sessions of around 10-15 minutes is recommended, gradually increasing the time as your body acclimates. Pay attention to your body’s signals and exit the tub if you begin to feel uncomfortable.

Temperature and Water Treatment

Most Jet Spas allow you to set the temperature as low as 20°C (68°F) or simply switch the heat off for a more cooling experience. You can experiment with different temperatures to find the one that provides the perfect balance of coolness and comfort for your summer enjoyment.

Water Treatment in a Cold Spa Pool

Treating the water in a cold spa pool follows similar principles to traditional spa maintenance. Regularly test and balance the water’s pH levels, sanitise with appropriate chemicals, and clean the filters. Monitoring and maintaining water quality is crucial, regardless of the water temperature, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Benefits of Keeping Your Jet Spa Spa Pool Cold

A Cool-down Solution for Enhanced Circulation:

Cold water stimulates blood circulation, promoting better oxygenation of the body’s tissues and muscles. This can contribute to improved overall cardiovascular health and increased vitality.

A Cool-down Solution for Reduced Muscle Inflammation:

Cold water immersion has been associated with reducing muscle soreness and inflammation. Using your spa pool as a cold pool after physical activity can aid in faster muscle recovery.

Benefits of Using Cold Water Therapy

Improved Sleep:

Cold water therapy has been linked to better sleep quality. Cooling down in your Jet Spa before bedtime can promote relaxation and potentially contribute to a more restful night’s sleep.

Enhanced Mood and Alertness:

Exposure to cold water is believed to trigger the release of endorphins, leading to an improved mood and increased alertness. Enjoying your Jet Spa spa pool in cooler temperatures as a cool-down solution can be an invigorating way to start or end your day.

Incorporating these tips and insights into your spa pool routine ensures that you stay cool during the summer and reap the numerous benefits of cold water therapy for your overall well-being.

Whether you choose a more compact version of a spa pool or full-size swim spa from Jet Spas, you’re not merely purchasing a cooling solution but enhancing your entire outdoor living experience. With models catering to different preferences and spaces, there’s a Jet Spa for everyone. Make this summer unforgettable by turning your backyard into a personal paradise with Jet Spas – the best spa pools in NZ. Upgrade your lifestyle today!

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At The End Of The Day

This summer, take your relaxation and cool-down routine in Rotorua or anywhere else in New Zealand to the next level with a spa pool or swim spa from the Jet Spas brand. By embracing the dual functionality of these pools, you’ll stay cool and enjoy the numerous benefits they bring to your overall well-being. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your backyard into a refreshing retreat – invest in the best spa pool in NZ with Jet Spas online today!

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