Introducing the Blackbird 6-Person Spa Pool: A Spacious Oasis of Comfort

The Blackbird 6-person Spa pool by Jet Spas

Finding a six-person spa pool in Tauranga or anywhere else in New Zealand that meets all your needs can be challenging, but the Blackbird by Jet Spas ticks all the boxes. With its spacious design, the Blackbird offers the best of both worlds: one comfortable lounger and five ample seats, providing versatility for lounging or sitting. 

The Blackbird boasts a premium mold that enhances comfort and includes features like a place to rest your glass of wine, making it the perfect addition to any backyard oasis.

Picture This

Imagine stepping into your Tauranga backyard and being greeted by the soothing sight of the Blackbird Spa Pool. The sun is setting, casting a warm glow over the water, inviting you to relax and unwind after a long day.

As you ease into the spacious spa, the gentle massage jets begin to work their magic, soothing your muscles and melting away the day’s stresses. You recline in one of the comfortable seats, feeling the tension in your shoulders and back melt away.

You reach for the convenient cup holder, taking a sip of your favourite beverage as you enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The LED lights cast a soft, multi-coloured glow, creating a tranquil ambience that enhances the relaxation experience.

As you soak, you can’t help but appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into designing the Blackbird. From its durable fibreglass base to its powerful CD OZone system, every feature is designed to provide you with the ultimate spa experience.

As the stars begin to twinkle overhead, you realise that you’ve found your own personal oasis in the Blackbird 6-Person Spa Pool. Here, you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and simply relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the moment.

Exceptional Features for Ultimate Comfort

The Blackbird stands out from other spas with its exceptional features designed to enhance comfort and relaxation. With this spa pool model, you can enjoy the convenience of the 15-amp Plug-N-Play system, which makes installation a breeze and allows you to move the spa to your next home easily. 

What’s more, the Blackbird is big enough to comfortably fit six people, with a single lounger that invites you to sit back and put your feet up. The Blackbird spa also features a WiFi controller, giving you convenient control over your spa experience.

The Blackbird spa pool

Premium Mold for Enhanced Comfort

When it comes to the design, the Blackbird features a premium mold that sets it apart from other spas. This mold provides added comfort and includes features like a place to rest your drink, ensuring that your spa experience is as relaxing as possible.

Advanced CD Ozone System

Maintaining your spa is easy with the Blackbird’s powerful CD OZone system. This system keeps maintenance to a minimum by sanitising the water and eliminating bacteria and impurities. For added convenience, the Blackbird can also be used with the optional Simple Silver water treatment.

Market-Leading Warranties

Enjoy peace of mind with Blackbird’s market-leading warranties. The heater, controller, jets, and North American acrylic are covered by a 5-year warranty, so you can relax knowing that your investment is protected.

Invest in your relaxation and comfort with the Blackbird 6-Person Spa Pool. Click the “Add to Cart” link above to secure a spa spacious enough for the whole family.

Technical Specifications of the Blackbird 6-Person Spa Pool

Weight: 350 kg

Dimensions: 2000 × 2000 × 880 mm

Jets: The Blackbird features 41 Hydrotherapy Jets

Lighting: This spa pool has a large Single Multi-Colour LED Light

WiFi: Yes, the Blackbird Spa pool does have WIFI

Ozone System: CD OZone

Jet Spas Warranty for the Blackbird Spa Pool

  • 10-Year Structural Warranty
  • 5 Year Heater Warranty
  • 5 Year Controller Warranty
  • 5 Year Jets Warranty
  • 5 Year Acrylic Warranty

Insulation: Four layers of insulation, including high-density foam and a reflective foil barrier, are used to maintain water temperature and reduce energy costs.

Base: The Blackbird spa pool’s wrap-around fibreglass base provides superior support and protection compared to spas with ABS bases.

Heater: The Blackbird Spa pool has a 3.0 Kw Heater, ensuring quick and efficient heating of the spa water for a comfortable soak.


(x1) 3.0hp Jet Pump for powerful and targeted hydrotherapy massage.

(x1) Circulation Pump for efficient water circulation and filtration.

Power Requirements: 15 Amps (Plug n Play), making installation easy and hassle-free.

Water Capacity: 1,050 litres, providing ample space for up to six adults to relax comfortably.

Additional Features:

Premium Mold: The Blackbird’s premium mold offers enhanced comfort and includes features like cup holders and headrests for a luxurious spa experience.

Market-Leading Warranties: Enjoy peace of mind with Blackbird’s extensive warranties, which cover structural integrity, heating system, control panel, jets, and acrylic shell.

The Blackbird 6-Person Spa Pool combines luxurious comfort with advanced features. Making it the perfect choice for those looking to unwind and relax in style.

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