5 Ways to Style your Spa Pool Area

Your spa pool area is most likely to double up as an entertainment area because who wouldn’t want to relax and listen to music with their friends and family in their new spa pool? There are many ways you could style your spa pool area to make it aesthetically appealing and ideal for capturing the perfect photo. Choosing the right surface for your spa pool.

Incorporate Plants

There is something about spa pools that make them look great alongside the right plants. Incorporating the right type of plants can create an oasis look and give you a relaxing and natural space to enjoy. Plants are also an affordable and easy way to create beauty in your spa pool area.


If your spa pool area is doubling up as an entertainment area, you may also want to look at incorporating some seating for those who may not want to get wet but still want to be part of the conversation.

The Right Lighting

Lighting can make or break your entertainment area. The lighting you choose will depend on your style, but adding lights like lanterns and fairy lights can create a magical and romantic atmosphere. You could incorporate the lighting design that you already have in your garden or patio, or go for something new, but remember that lighting sets the mood at the end of the day.

Add Some Privacy Features

If you live near your neighbors, you may want to add some privacy features. You may want to think carefully about the placement of your spa pool and perhaps add a screen of some sort to add extra privacy to enjoy your spa pool!

Buy the Right Spa Pool

The right spa pool plays a major role in the overall look of your spa pool area. There are many different spa pools available, and we have some of the best in NZ. There are many different styles to choose from, so there should definitely be something for your taste.

Are you looking to buy the best spa pool in NZ? Feel free to browse the fantastic selection of spa pools that we offer here at Jet Spas, and don’t hesitate to contact our professional team if you have any questions.

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