A Handy Guide To Prepping Your Backyard For Spa Pools

prep your backyard for a spa pool by jet spas

A backyard spa pool can be an excellent addition to your home and investment to the overall value of your property. However, there are a few things you need to consider before installing one. For example, the ground on which a spa pool stands must be level, smooth, and solid enough to support the weight of the spa pool, the water, and its occupants.

It’s also a good idea to consider factors like convenience, availability to power outlets, and the aesthetics of the location you want to put it in.

Below you’ll find valuable guidelines on how to choose and prepare the ideal location for your spa pool.

Pick Your Surface Carefully

Make sure your spa is on a sturdy, level surface. A fully loaded spa pool weighs a significant amount. Make sure that the spot you’ve chosen can sustain this weight.

It’s okay to choose your backyard surface to be on a patio with a slight “fall” to enable rainwater runoff for your spa pool. However, bear in mind that with this arrangement, your spa pool’s waterline will naturally match the lobe as well.

A level site free of bumps, ditches, obstructions, or twists is essential. A full and occupied spa pool can weigh between one and two tonnes. If a spa is installed on an uneven surface, it will
gradually deform and distort and incur damage over time. Ideally, a spa pool should never be placed on a grass surface. You might want to consider the installation of a concrete slab.

Take Electrical Components Into Consideration

The control panel and all of the electrical components are housed in the same equipment compartment, which should be located where water can easily drain away from it. For maintenance purposes, the door to the equipment compartment should be accessible.

The power supply line for the spa pool will exit either the left or right side of the equipment compartment door. This should also be factored into the decision for placement and running power supply lines.

The Aesthetics Of Your Outdoor Oasis

Consider the placement and location carefully to ensure that you pick the best spot on your property. For example, you may want to make a spa pool the focal point of your garden, possibly at a position with a breathtaking view. Alternatively, you might economise space by putting it to the side.

A qualified landscape designer will take your ideas and any requirements for a theme you may have and design a landscaping plan that incorporates any extra features and foliage, mood lighting or water features to create the ideal peaceful outdoor oasis.

Also, keep an eye on Pinterest boards and lifestyle magazines to draw inspiration for how others are designing their spa pool settings. Check out our Jet Spas NZ Pinterest boards for backyard spa pool setup ideas.

Know What You’re Buying

The benefit of Jet Spas is that our showroom is based entirely online, so no matter where you live, Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington or anywhere in New Zealand, you can browse and compare our spa pools from the comfort of your own home.

We seek to make the entire process enjoyable, from dreaming of your perfect backyard oasis to making it a reality with low cost and convenient delivery options. 

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